Compression Spring calculators

Basic Calculators

Spring Force

If you have a spring on hand and want to know its force for a given displacement, use this calculator.


Spring Deflection

If you have a spring and want to know the compressed length for a given applied force, use this calculator.


Spring Rate k

If you need to know the needed spring constant that will give you a desired spring force for a given deformed length, use this calculator.


Enriched Calculators

Force and Stress

This calculator in an extension of the basic Spring Force calculator above, providing the maximum shear stress in the spring along with the force.


Range of Rate k

If you only have set of design specs, consisting of a range of compressed spring lengths and a range of desired spring forces, use this calculator. It will return a range of spring constants that will meet your design specs.


Spring Designer

With this calculator, you can start with an idea for a spring (geometry and material data) and calculate all resulting parameters (spring rate, max load, solid height, coil pitch, etc.).


Cyclic Load Calculators

Spring Resonance

Use this calculator to find the first resonant frequency for a spring used in a dynamic loading environment.


Spring Fatigue

Use this calculator to estimate if a spring used in a dynamic loading enviroment will fail from fatigue stresses.